Asyl in USA abgelehnt, dennoch guter Ausgang

Lieber Karl,

im Fall der Familie Romeike hat das höchste amerikanische Gericht, der US-Supreme Court in Washington, die Beschwerde gegen die Asylablehnung am 28.02.2014 zurückgewiesen (nicht zur Entscheidung angenommen). Damit hätte die Familie Romeike abgeschoben werden können und müssen. Jedoch hat die Behörde für Innere Sicherheit (Department of Homeland Security) am 03.03.2014, also einen Tag später, sich bereit erklärt, die Abschiebung nicht zu vollziehen - mit der Wirkung, dass die Familie Romeike auf Dauer in den USA bleiben kann.

Mike Farris von HSLDA rief das als großen Sieg aus, für den allein Gott, dem Allmächtigen, die Ehre gebührt. Mike Donnelly meinte, dass die weiter drohende Verfolgung der Familie in Deutschland ausschlaggebend war für die dauerhafte Aussetzung der Abschiebeverfügung. Uwe Romeike ist außerordentlich dankbar für die Unterstützung und die freundliche Aufnahme, die er in den USA gefunden hat, für die Erlaubnis, in den USA bleiben zu dürfen, für die Unterstützung seitens ihrer Freunde und der Hausschulfamilien sowie besonders auch seitens HSLDA. Er dankt Gott für allen Segen und Bewahrung für seine Familie.

Nachstehend abgedruckt ist die entsprechende HSLDA-Meldung. (Siehe Anhang! Mit Foto!)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Schulunterricht zu Hause e.V.
Armin Eckermann, Vorsitzender

Nachstehend abgedruckt ist die entsprechende HSLDA-Meldung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Schulunterricht zu Hause e.V.

Armin Eckermann, Vorsitzender

March 4, 2014f

DHS Tells Romeike Family “You Can Stay”

The day after the U.S. Supreme Court denied their appeal for asylum, federal officials 

announced that the Romeike family will be permitted to remain in America.

The Department of Homeland Security verbally informed Home School Legal Defense 

Association that the Romeike family is being granted indefinite deferred action status. The 

Department told HSLDA that this meant the order of removal would not be acted on and that the 

Romeikes could stay.

HSLDA Chairman Michael Farris was thrilled.

“This is an incredible victory that I can only credit to Almighty God. I also want to thank those 

who spoke up on this issue—including that long ago White House petition. We believe that the 

public outcry made a huge impact. What an amazing turnaround—in just 24 hours,” he said.

Public Interest

Yesterday, the Supreme Court issued a denial of the Romeike family’s petition for certiorari, 

sparking an immediate and unprecedented reaction. Fox News told HSLDA that they recorded 

1 million page views of the Romeikes’ story in 24 hours—an all-time high. Although many were 

not surprised by the Supreme Court’s decision, it seemed that this was the last hope for the 

family to avoid being sent back to Germany where they would undoubtedly be persecuted for 

homeschooling their children.

Uwe Romeike said he is extremely grateful for the support and welcome he has received from 


“We are happy to have indefinite status even though we won’t be able to get American 

citizenship any time soon. As long as we can live at peace here, we are happy. We have always 

been ready to go wherever the Lord would lead us—and I know my citizenship isn’t really on 

earth. This has always been about our children. I wouldn’t have minded staying in Germany 

if the mistreatment targeted only me—but our whole family was targeted when German 

authorities would not tolerate our decision to teach our children—that is what brought us here,” 

he said.

“This is an incredible victory that I can only credit to Almighty God.”

Michael Farris

HSLDA Founder and Chairman

“Our entire family is deeply grateful for all the support of our friends and fellow homeschoolers 

and especially HSLDA. I thank God for his hand of blessing and protection over our family. We 

thank the American government for allowing us to stay here and to peacefully homeschool our 

children—it’s all we ever wanted.”

Escaping Oppression

HSLDA Director of International Affairs Mike Donnelly pointed out that the only reason the 

Romeikes had to come to America was because of Germany’s repressive policy towards 


“Germany’s persecution of homeschooling parents continues and is one reason, I suspect, that 

DHS was willing to grant the family indefinite status,” Donnelly said. “How could our country 

send this loving peaceful family back to be crushed by outrageous fines, criminal prosecution, 

and the loss of their children? Today Germany is holding another family prisoner only because 

they wanted to leave to go to France to homeschool their children. How could we send the 

Romeikes back to be treated like that?”

Donnelly continued, “HSLDA is determined to continue working in support of beleaguered 

homeschooling families in Germany and other countries. The right of parents to decide how 

their children should be educated is a fundamental human right. The United States got it right 

in this case, and we call on Germany to change its policy so that parents in Germany can 

homeschool their children in peace.”

Farris said there is no way he would have let the family go back to Germany.

“When we lost at the Sixth Circuit, I told Uwe that he would go back to Germany over my dead 

body. I’m glad that wasn’t necessary! This is a courageous family and one that deserves to stay 

here. They are modern day Pilgrims.”

Charly  07.04.2015