First, a warm welcome for siblings in the Lord Jesus Christ and those who sincerely look for truth.

Aekklesia is my personal home page, on the basis of my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, mainly Christian themes.

The Helenish word of Äkklesia is translated calling-out and recited in most Bibles with church or congregation.
In Acts 7:38 the people of Israel, called out of Egypt, are called Äkklesia.
In Acts 19:39, a court meeting and in Acts 19:32:40 a tumult in the theater is called by supporters of the goddess Diana as Äkklesia.
Otherwise, the word Äkklesia refers exclusively to the congregation of the LORD, who has not called it a fleshly, special, like 1 Cor. 1: 10-13, in conjunction with 1 Cor. 3: 1-4. It is also not in a relationship with the state through registration, and thus recognition as a religion, which is hostility towards God. James 4: 4, which makes her a daughter of the mother of whores as described in Rev. 17: 1-6 ,
The local assembly is associated with the place where it is: 1. Cor. 1.Thes.1,1; Kol.4,16; Röm.16,1; Rev 2,1; 2.8; 2:12; 2.18; 3.1; 3.7; 3: 14 Or the houses are called: 1 Cor. Röm.16,3; 5; Phil.1,2; Kol.4,15
When a region is addressed, the congregations are always in the majority: 1.Cor.16,19; 2.Kor.8,1; Gal.1,2; 1.22;
All the localized ones are part of the one and the Äkklesia of God and of the Christ, as the body: Col 1: 18-24, as a woman: Eph 5: 1-3-32, the fullness of Christ: Ephesians 1: 22-23 and Pillars and the foundation of truth. 1 Timothy 3:15 Every born-again Christian is still in this world, he was summoned by God out of this world to be a member of his calling-oüt.

May our loving God bless this work and lead many people to spiritual gain. Praise and thanks be to Him.

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The rules of this Internet presence are binding and read in the Bible.

It is highly desirable that Bible verses be bold.

I would like to point out that, in the case of many things sent to me, I do not go in all directions. This is primarily for links to other websites. Some things are set here to illustrate other things, which I do not take part in, but, if necessary, distant oneself.

At all, if necessary, I dissociate myself, of course, in all parts of Aekklesia, from everything, if necessary, even to the spring and the ink bottle.

Note: In the case of links, even in the case of good sermons and the like, there may be some pictures or blasphemies. If you do not want to be safe, do not click. Parents are taken to the duty.

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May God bless all sincere readers and contributors to Aekklesia abundantly.

Charly 21.02.2015